Ford’s BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert Systems Are Making Driving a Safer Experience

Major innovations in automotive technology are making driving easier and safer. The trusted automaker Ford Motor Company has added two new features that will ease the mind of most drivers and prevent accidents.

Ford has introduced the Blind Spot Information System or BLIS for short. By using new technology, radars added to the taillights can detect vehicles approaching in the next lane for up to 10 feet. Once detected, the driver will receive a yellow warning light on the driver and passenger side mirrors, which does not go away until the vehicle is no longer close.

Another added feature is the Cross Traffic Alert or CTA. When the vehicle changes gears into reverse, the Cross Traffic Alert system becomes active. Notifications of rear objects include chimes, a message on Message Centre, and warning light on the side mirror.

The next time you’re in Miami Dade come by and let Lorenzo Ford show you which Ford vehicles have these safety features.


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