Advantages to Owning a New Ford SUV

Buying an SUV might be on your bucket list, but it's important to settle on the right model. If you're interested in what a Ford SUV can achieve for you needs, then you have probably already considered the reasons while a purchase from Lorenzo Ford makes sense. Here are 5 reasons most people give for switching from a regular car to an SUV:

  1. Numerous Safety Features. SUVs are among the best vehicles when it comes to safety features, and recent improvements have contributed even more to how safe they are to drive.
  2. Gas Mileage. No longer are SUVs thought to be gas-guzzling automobiles. Today's newer models offer greater fuel-efficiency than ever before.
  3. Larger Cargo Capacity. An SUV is ideal for large families or those who wish to carry large amounts of cargo. Many even come equipped with built-in towing kits to maximize how much they can take along on any trip.
  4. Master of Off-Roading. Most SUVs offer drivers the ability to travel off the road.
  5. Increased Visibility. The typical SUV offers higher than normal seating which increases visibility on the road or in traffic.

If you're interested in finding the right-sized SUV for your needs in the greater Miami area, then our team at 30725 S US 1 is ready to guide you towards success!


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